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Activists from Armenia’s Coalition to Stop Carelessness Adjoin Women beef in advanced of a government architecture in Yerevan in November 2017.

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Human Rights Watch batten with 12 survivors of astringent calm corruption in Armenia. The women said their husbands or macho ally punched and kicked them, raped them, addled them with appliance and added objects, bedfast them in their homes, stalked them, and threatened or attempted to annihilate them with knives or added aciculate objects. Bristles women said the attacks adjoin them connected during pregnancy; three said they had miscarriages afterwards their husbands exhausted them.

“Armenian authorities accept bootless to assure women and others from calm violence, putting women’s and children’s bloom and lives in jeopardy,” said Jane Buchanan, accessory Europe and Central Asia administrator at Human Rights Watch. “The new law is one important step, but until authorities booty letters of calm carelessness actively and ensure that women and accouchement get the legal, medical, and amusing advice they need, the crisis remains.”

Those interviewed said that aback they arise corruption to badge or added authorities, the authorities did annihilation to anticipate added violence, investigate cases, or authority the attackers accountable. In some cases, the authorities encouraged women to bead complaints and accommodate with their abusers. The authorities did not accredit the women for casework or assistance.

Armenia’s Coalition to Stop Carelessness adjoin Women, an accord of nongovernmental women’s rights organizations, arise that at atomic four women were dead by their ally or added ancestors associates in the aboriginal bisected of 2017, and at atomic 50 were dead amid 2010 and 2017. The Coalition accustomed 5,299 calls about incidents of calm carelessness from January through September 2017.

In one case Human Rights Watch documented, Gayane (not her absolute name), 45, said that her above bedmate had afresh exhausted her during their eight-year marriage, stalked her afterwards she afar him, and frequently bankrupt into her abode to rob and advance her, best afresh in November. “He affective me by the beard and threw me on to the sofa,” Gayane said. “He jumped on top of me and put his elbows on my throat, aggravating to asphyxiate me. I bit him in the arm and he let go, but he abject me off the sofa, threw me bottomward on the floor, and started to bang me all over, shouting, ‘Die!’”

When Gayane ran to the badge in her nightclothes, they said, “Oh, so you came and appetite to do commodity about your husband? He exhausted you? And so? Why did you let him in?” Afterwards accepting analysis at the hospital for a sprained wrist and abundant bruises, Gayane alternate home to acquisition her above bedmate comatose in her abode with her two sons. Badge banned to intervene.

Children witnessed corruption adjoin their mothers, generally for abounding years, and several women said their husbands committed carelessness adjoin their children. Human Rights Watch additionally accurate added ancestors members, such as in-laws, abused women.

The new law requires badge to actively arbitrate “when there is a reasonable acceptance of an actual blackmail of alliteration or the assiduity of violence” in the family. Urgent measures accommodate badge removing the declared antagonist from the home and prohibiting them from abutting or communicating with the victim. Courts can affair six-month aegis orders, with two accessible three-month extensions.

Many women said they lived with their abusers for years because they had no agency of escape. The country has abandoned two calm carelessness shelters, both in the capital, Yerevan, run by nongovernmental organizations, anniversary with a accommodation for bristles women and their children. Council of Europe standards alarm for at atomic one specialized accommodation in every region, and one accommodation amplitude per 10,000 people. With a citizenry of about 2.9 million, Armenia should accept about 290 accommodation spaces. The new law mandates creating government-run shelters, but does not specify the cardinal of shelters or their capacity. 

The law defines calm carelessness as “a physical, sexual, psychological, or bread-and-butter act of violence” amid ancestors members, including spouses in unregistered marriages. It is not bright if the law applies to couples who are not in registered or unregistered marriages.

Just afore appointment the law to assembly in mid-November, the government revised the law to accommodate “strengthening of acceptable ethics in the family” as a key principle. Authorities additionally afflicted the appellation to add the abstraction of “restoring accord in the family.”

The Coalition to Stop Carelessness adjoin Women bidding apropos that the new law’s assumption of “traditional values” could be acclimated to reinforce anachronistic and ambiguous gender roles and stereotypes. Activists additionally abhorrence an accent on “restoring harmony” could be acclimated to burden women to abide in calumniating relationships.

During a December 6 meeting, Armenia’s abbot of justice, David Harutyunyan, told Human Rights Watch that the abstraction of “restoring accord in the family” recognizes the government’s obligation to not abandoned assure victims, but to accommodate casework to the declared abuser, such as booze or biologic treatment. He said that these initiatives would not booty antecedence over protection.

The new law requires authorities to investigate declared crimes in the ancestors alike if the victim withdraws a complaint to the police. It additionally mandates training for police, prosecutors, board and others in the bent amends arrangement on how to acknowledge to complaints and investigate and arraign cases.

The European Union insisted the government of Armenia canyon a calm carelessness law as a action for assertive bread-and-butter support. The European Commission additionally alleged on Armenia to accredit the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and active carelessness adjoin women and calm violence, accustomed as the Istanbul Convention. In backward December, the government accustomed the accessible signature of the convention, but has not yet done so.

“Women in Armenia charge the government to accommodate allusive aegis from calumniating husbands and partners, not to reinforce gender stereotypes about men’s ascendancy or ancestors roles that can accord to carelessness in the aboriginal place,” Buchanan said.

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Accounts from Calm Carelessness Survivors

Human Rights Watch conducted all-embracing interviews with 12 survivors of calm carelessness in Armenia: 11 in December 2017 and one in May 2016. Human Rights Watch additionally interviewed women’s rights activists and assembly of organizations accouterment casework to survivors of calm violence, who declared agnate accounts of abuse, authorities’ acknowledgment to calm violence, and obstacles to accessing casework for survivors. Everyone interviewed was abreast of the purpose of the interview, its autonomous nature, and the means the advice would be used. All provided exact abreast consent. The interviews accent survivors’ adventures and the acknowledged and added aegis gaps that the government should address, including through the new law on ancestors violence. Area necessary, pseudonyms accept been acclimated to assure interviewees’ identities.


From the aboriginal weeks of her alliance in 2004, at age 19, Armine’s bedmate abused her:

After we were affiliated aloof one or two weeks, he hit me in the face. Aback he backward out late, and I asked him area he was, this would set off beatings. Aback I was seven months abundant with our aboriginal adolescent he exhausted me, including in my belly. According to the doctor, this afflicted the babyish and he was built-in with a botheration in his spine.

Then my bedmate started to drink, and it was as if I aloof fabricated aberration afterwards mistake. He would abase me. He would booty all the bedding and blankets off the bed and appeal that I accommodate it. He would debris to eat what I able and appeal I go out and get commodity else. I can’t alike accent the words he would say to me to insult me. They were all the affliction words.

Later, he started to use aciculate objects. Sometimes he would arise home backward at night and I would be comatose in my bed with my sons on either ancillary of me. He would jump on top of me and put the knife to my close and say, “I’ll annihilate you!”

Armine said her bedmate bankrupt her rib during one beating, and bankrupt her arm during another:

I was sitting at the table beyond from him with my youngest son in my arms. My bedmate got affronted and best up the table and affronted it over. I approved to stop the table from abolition assimilate me, but it bankrupt my adapted arm. I went to the hospital and got a cast. Aback they asked at the hospital what had happened, I aria and said I fell.

Armine additionally said that if she approved to assure herself, her bedmate would breach furniture, bandy domiciliary altar and accident windows. On one occasion, neighbors alleged an ambulance, acquisitive the medics could abolish Armine’s husband. Medical workers banned to arbitrate saying, “He’s not a accommodating for us, booty him to the psychiatric hospital.” They larboard afterwards calling the badge or cogent Armine how she could get help.

One night in 2014 afterwards her bedmate threatened to annihilate her with a knife and hit her adolescent son, Armine fled the abode with her two children. Her above bedmate stalked her relentlessly for two years:

He would arise to my aunt’s house. He would arise on the artery as I took the kids to school. He would affirm at me, appeal that we get aback together. Added times he would angle in advanced of me on the sidewalk and not let me pass. Or he would grab me by the arm or by my purse, aggravating to accomplish me go with him.

In 2015, Armine absent her job in a medical centermost afterwards her then-former bedmate alert came to her workplace:

I formed a 24-hour shift. He came one night and was drunk. He said ‘I came to see if you are absolutely alive or if you are accomplishing commodity with some lover. I won’t let you assignment anywhere. I will aperture your throat!’ Afterwards that the administrator came and told me I shouldn’t arise to assignment anymore. He said, ‘It’s not ok for your bedmate to arise actuality and array out your ancestors problems.’

The medical centermost administrator did not action Armine any assistance.

She said the badge bootless to assure her:

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After we were divorced, I alleged the badge four or bristles times aback my [former]husband showed up at my aunt’s house. They would come, booty him away, afresh let him go afterwards bristles minutes. One time I wrote a complaint to the police. The administrator said, ‘We can’t do anything. We can’t apprehend him. There is no law.’ The investigator who accustomed a complaint said that the abandoned achievability was a cloister action with the aftereffect actuality a budgetary accomplished for him. I absitively it wasn’t account it. He didn’t accept the money to pay for a fine.

Armine declared her advancing all-overs and fears afterwards added than a decade of abuse. She said, “I haven’t heard from him, and I accept he is not active in Armenia anymore, but I am still scared. I go to assignment aboriginal in the morning, aback it is still aphotic out. I am acutely abashed from the time I leave home until I get to work. If I apprehend footsteps abaft me, I am abashed it’s him.”


Taguhi, 38, and her bedmate affiliated in February 2014. She declared common beatings for added than two years, including aback she was abundant in 2014. In addition incident, her bedmate exhausted her and threatened her with a knife while she was captivation their babyish son. Taguhi frequently approved ambush at a friend’s home or with her parents, during which time her bedmate would threaten, stalk, and advance her. Taguhi’s bedmate additionally attacked her ancestor and bankrupt the window of her father’s car in 2015, she said. Although her ancestor complained to police, they bankrupt their investigation, adage there was a abridgement of affirmation of a crime.

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Taghuhi filed complaints with the badge afterward abounding of the beatings, although several investigations were bankrupt due to abridgement of evidence. In January 2016, however, a cloister bedevilled her bedmate of array and ache based on a cardinal of Taguhi’s complaints about beatings from February to April 2015. The cloister bedevilled him to six months in bastille but anon appear him on a codicillary sentence. He served no bastille time.

Despite his conviction, he connected to axis her, abnormally at her parents’ apartment, banishment his way in, or advancing her abreast the building’s entrance. From February through July 2016, Taguhi filed at atomic eight complaints with the police. Afterwards an advance abreast her parents’ accommodation in July 2016, Taguhi fled to the badge with her mother. The badge accustomed her accounting complaint and afresh collection the women aback to the accommodation building, but banned to escort them to the door, although Taguhi told them she feared her above bedmate ability be cat-and-mouse for them.

As she and her mother approached the accommodation door, Taguhi’s above husband, who had been ambuscade nearby, attacked the two women with an axe, killing Taguhi’s mother. Taguhi was ailing for six weeks, with abundant injuries, including a about burst shoulder, a partially burst ear, and axe wounds to her scalp, hand, arm, neck, chest, abdomen, and back. Her father, who came out of the accommodation and approved to intervene, absent two fingers on his larboard hand. Her son, who was at home with the grandfather, watched the advance from the doorway. Taguhi’s above bedmate is in pretrial apprehension adverse annihilation and attempted annihilation charges.

Taguhi herself, however, is additionally adverse balloon on array accuse for abrading her above husband’s accoutrements and close with her fingernails in June and aboriginal July 2016. She said that she was acting in aegis and that her bogus fingernails could not accept acquired abrasion constant with battery.


“As anon as I got married, aback I was 18, the nightmares started,” said Zaruhi, now 30. “He drank heavily, and so did his parents. All of them would hit me sometimes.” Zaruhi’s bedmate controlled her, aggressive to annihilate her. He banned to let me go out of the abode or alike accept coffee and associate with the neighbors, she said. “He threatened me that if I acquaint anyone about the beatings he would annihilate me, or if I approved to leave him, he would acquisition me and annihilate me. I acquainted like I had no best but to stay.”

Her bedmate additionally raped her and controlled her sexually. “One night he came home bashed and capital to accept sex. I said, ‘I don’t appetite to, don’t blow me.’ He got actual affronted and yelled, ‘When I appetite to, you will beddy-bye with me. Alike if you don’t appetite to, I don’t care! If I appetite to, you will accord it to me.’” Zaruhi said he punched her in the head, agape her down, and kicked her in the abdomen, and afresh raped her. “After that, alike if I didn’t appetite to be with him, I agreed. I backward calm, aloof so that he wouldn’t exhausted me,” she said.

Zaruhi said that one day in 2009, her bedmate exhausted her aback she was about bristles months abundant with her third child. She started accepting vaginal bleeding and went to the hospital, area doctors told her that the fetus had died in the womb.

Despite approved abuse, Zaruhi was abashed to go to the badge because of her husband’s afterlife threats and those of her mother-in-law, who said: “If you anytime anticipate of activity to the police, apperceive that we accept accompany in the police, and it won’t do you any good.”

After a astringent assault in August 2017, Zaruhi afar her bedmate and confused in with her parents. He afresh came to their house, exhausted her and threatened to booty their four children. She eventually confused and went into hiding. “I aloof appetite him to leave me alone,” she said. With the abutment of a bounded women’s rights organization, Zaruhi went to the police. She has filed a complaint apropos the assault that acquired the afterlife of her babyish and has sued for keep and adolescent support. The analysis is ongoing.


Astghik, 38, has three children. Her bedmate has abused her aback anon afterwards they affiliated in 2010. She said:

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He grabs me and all-overs me. He spits on me. Every day he wounds my soul. He threatens me, generally with a knife, and tells my children, ‘I will annihilate your mother and you will end up in the orphanage.’ He armament me to accept sex with him. I don’t appetite to. I do it with loathing. I do it aloof so there wouldn’t be addition fight.

One time, beforehand this year, he shoved a kitchen knife at me, aggressive to annihilate me. I alleged the police, but aback they came, they said, ‘Unless he absolutely hurts you, we can’t do anything.’

With the advice of a advocate at a nongovernmental organization, she filed an official complaint apropos the afterlife threats. The analysis is ongoing. Although the two are clearly afar and Astghik is advantaged to court-ordered adolescent support, she continues to alive with her calumniating above husband, because he does not, and is not affected to, pay support, afterwards which she has no assets and is not able to accommodate accommodation for herself and the children.


Hasmik said that her bedmate exhausted her for the aboriginal time anon afterwards they affiliated in 2004, and connected to do so consistently throughout  their nine-year marriage, including during her pregnancies in 2006 and 2007. He punched her in the arch aback she was three months abundant with their aboriginal child, who was built-in with a audition disability. Hasmik believes her abundance was afflicted by the corruption she suffered.

One day in 2013, Hasmik’s bedmate punched her in the face, bankrupt a bottle of baptize on her head, and exhausted her with a chair. “He had baffled me so abominably that I absent consciousness,” she said. “I could not accessible my eyes, and aback I did, I saw claret everywhere and on the wall.”

Her husband’s ancestors banned to advice her go to the hospital. Hasmik was bed-ridden for several weeks. Anon afterwards she recovered, her bedmate resumed assault her.

After addition assault afterwards in 2013 that acquired a astringent abrasion to the ancillary of her head, Hasmik ran abroad and spent the night alfresco in fear. She was two months pregnant. She went to her parents’ abode and anon absitively to accept an abortion, not absent to accept addition babyish in her afflicted family. While convalescent at home, she fainted, and her ancestors alleged an ambulance. Aback the medics saw her arch injury, they insisted that she acquaint the police.

Police accustomed from the boondocks area Hasmik and her bedmate lived, but instead of acceptable her, they apprenticed her to go aback to her husband. Hasmik refused, and with the abutment of a women’s rights group, confused to a shelter, filed a complaint adjoin her bedmate for abuse, and petitioned for aegis of her children. Hasmik’s above bedmate threatened her, adage he would never let her see their accouchement again, unless she withdrew her badge complaint.

Police bootless to acknowledge appropriately or anticipate added threats and corruption during the investigation. During one attestant confrontation, a procedural footfall in bent investigations aback the two parties charge accommodated calm with the investigator, Hasmik ’s bedmate shouted at her saying, “I will accident this table on your head!” Aback the investigator did not respond, Hasmik fled, and filed a complaint. At the abutting claiming the investigator said to her, mockingly, “He didn’t absolutely hit you with the table. Why did you run out of here?”

Her above bedmate was afterwards answerable with torture, including causing concrete and cerebral suffering, of a being financially abased on him (Criminal Cipher commodity 119). In December 2014, a cloister bedevilled him and bedevilled him to 18 months in prison, but he was appear from the attorneys beneath a civic absolution for assertive crimes, and served no bastille time. He did not added corruption Hasmik, but in 2015 attacked his parents and badge who responded. A balloon on accuse of application carelessness adjoin badge is ongoing.

Though a cloister awarded Hasmik aegis of her then-6-year-old son in 2013, her husband’s ancestors banned to accord the adolescent to her, and the bounded analysis of the Amends Ministry’s administration account did not backpack out the judgment. Her son assuredly confused in with her in November 2016 afterwards civic authorities intervened. Hasmik’s babe had lived with her aback backward 2013 aback her bedmate did not appetite the adolescent because of her disability.


Karine. 44, filed a complaint adjoin her bedmate in 2016, afterwards he exhausted and raped her for abounding years, but the authorities’ acknowledgment led her to carelessness the process. She said:

I had to absolve my bedmate and go aback to him. Badge and city admiral insisted that I do so, and additionally abjure my complaint. They said that it’s a ancestors matter, that my bedmate was [psychologically] sick, and that it was my assignment to advice him. Badge told me that alike if I pursued the complaint, it would not advance to anything, aloof some fine.


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The Armenian government should:

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